Cooking with Beer
Basic Guidelines (not rules, just suggestions):
Usually a beer with a low level of bitterness is best to cook with.
Bitterness can be balanced with a small amount of sweetness, saltiness, or acidity.
Beer adds moisture, and extends the shelf life of baked goods.
Beer can be used to steam foods. Wheat beers are the best choice for this.
Light beer batters are used in deep frying. This is because the yeast in beer acts as a leavener, which puffs up the batter more than usual.
Replace or augment stock in soups with beer to
add richness.
Use pale, light, bitter beers for salad dressings,
and sauces.
Beer has excellent tenderizing properties. It is a good choice for meat marinades. Use medium bodied amber or brown beers for marinades.
Follow each bite of food with a sip of beer for the fullest flavors.