961 Food Pairings
  961 Beer Intereaction Lebanese Cuisine International Cuisine Dessert  
  961 Lager The 961 Lager is a balanced, medium bodied beer that goes well with a large variety of food. Lamb, sausages, eggplant dishes, cold mezza, falafel, hommus, lentils. Mexican, Indian, Thai, lamb, lasagna, burgers, calamari, fried chicken, pizza, turkey, steak. Passion fruit shortbread, pumpkin pie, pretzels.  
  961 Red Ale The 961 Red Ale is a medium bodied, malty beer that can be drank with a wide variety of foods. Try to avoid sweet foods because it will not compliment the biterness of this ale. Grilled lamb, shawarma, kebbe, kebab. Indian, Mexican, BBQ, grilled lamb, beef, vegetarian chili, chili con carne, pizza, hearty soups, ceviche, oysters. Fresh berries, bananas, pound cake.  
  961 Porter The 961 Porter is brewed using darker roasted malts, giving it a complex notes of coffee, raisins,chocola te, nut, and roast on the nose. These notes are not too overwhelming, but you should try to pair 961 Porter with heartier foods. Sausages, grilled meat, spicy kebabs. Indian, Mexican, BBQ, grilled lamb, beef, vegetarian chili, chili con carne, scallops, shepard's pie, steak. The porter by itself makes a great dessert. Otherwise, try it with baklava, chocolate, brownies, chocolate fondue, nut and coconut cookies, crème brûlée.  
  961 Witbier A light and sweet beer that shares similar pairing suggestions to the 961 Lager. The Witbier has a bit more body, and a fruitier taste. Spinach with cheese, fattoush, tabbouleh, hommus, delicate mezza. Light seafood, mussels, sushi, tempura, salads, lightly seasoned chicken, beets, eggs, couscous, quiche. Panna cotta with lemon, sorbet, orange crepes.